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Mission to Bama

The ongoing counterinsurgency effort by the Nigerian military is yielding positive results as insurgents’ enclaves are being cleared, resulting in rescue and escape of abductees, voluntary surrendering of radicalized victims, and retaking of territories. However, these wins, consequently, causes a large influx of displaced persons in to formal and informal IDP camps/settlements, as well as those embedded in host communities. Also, those who are being returned to their communities have to commence the slow and daunting process of resettlement.

Scope of Intervention

Mission to Bama will focus on the three critical and primary areas of needs:

  1. Food and Non-Food Items: Food items include, mainly, rice, beans and maize grains, as well as condiments. Non-food items include basic household needs like clothing, mats/mattresses, duvet, toiletries, mosquito nets, toys, books, soap, slippers, marque shelter, etc.
  2. Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH): Includes provision of borehole water (drinking and general use), construction of makeshift bathrooms and toilets, and garbage collection containers. Upon provision of these amenities, it’s imperative to conduct sensitization programs aimed at ensuring adherence to basic health standards.
  3. Health Centre: Camp primary health centre would be put in place to cater for basic health care needs, while major health cases would be referred to the State general hospital.
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