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Provide succor for Internally Displaced Persons.​

Ensure standard living condition for IDPs through an effective and sustainable holistic approach by mobilizing supports from credible organizations and selfless individuals.​

Core Values: (C.A.R.E.S.)

  • Commitment: We are unwaveringly dedicated to this cause.​
  • Availability: We are there, whenever, wherever, and however we are needed.​
  • Respect: We have due regard for feelings, culture, wishes, and rights. ​
  • Empathy: We see from others’ eyes, hear from their ears, and feel from their hearts.​
  • Sacrifice: We are willing to give up what is within our capacity to achieve our vision.​

Strategic Objectives

While the government has a duty to establish conditions to allow IDPs to return voluntarily, in safety and dignity, to their places of habitual residence or if they chose, another part of the country, decisions on when displacement ends must be taken on the basis of human criteria, ensuring respect for the full range of their human rights. Bearing in mind that at some point, they would need assistance to recover property and possession or obtain compensation or reparation. To this end, the Adopt-A-Camp project seeks to:​

  1. Bridge the gaps between intending supporters and IDPs.​
  2. Raise awareness on the living condition of IDPs so as to galvanize holistic supports.​
  3. Ensure strategic alliance and maintain strong relationship with credible organizations and selfless individuals.​
  4. Create opportunities for beneficiaries in order to hasten the process of rehabilitation and reintegration.​
  5. Ensure buy-in by working with beneficiaries in the process of implementing actions.​

Camp Adoption Process

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